A thirty minute long tail boat journey from Otres beach is Koh Ta Kiev – the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever seen. The 28 square kilometre island can be walked around in about three hours and on it is, well, nothing. Nothing apart from tall jungle, empty beaches, turquoise waters, a small fishing village and five hostels. There’s no wifi on the island so you can disconnect completely from the world and everywhere is accessed by foot or boat only. It’s beautiful. We only stayed for two days but could’ve happily stayed longer. In fact, can I just live here please?

We stayed at Ten 103 Treehouse Bay which is currently run by a group of friends who met while travelling in Australia. They’re all so nice and couldn’t have made our stay any better. It’s a really cool setup with a bar and loads of places to chillout and get comfy on big cushions. Accommodation is minimal with a bamboo dorm, tree house huts or hammocks and bucket showers. We decided to sleep in hammocks on the beach for $5 per night as there’s no better way to wake up in the morning than on a stunning beach. They were army style ones and were actually really comfy.

The price for a hammock is very steep considering you pay that for a bed in a dorm but everything there is more expensive than the mainland – (paradise) island life prices unfortunately! The food at Ten 103 was amazing though which made up for it. They even had proper olives!

When we arrived everyone was invited to go on a boat trip to Elephant Rock as it was one of the guys’ birthday. Happy hour began and the beers started rolling, along with a bottle of Jack being passed around the boat, my worst nightmare! It would’ve been rude not to so with a very ugly sour lemon face I had a few swigs. We got to Elephant Rock, which very strangely looks like an elephant, and jumped in. Everyone was bobbing round on life jackets like little ducks drinking beers, it was very chilled.

That night there was a talent show and we were wandering what on Earth we would do. Christie and I were debating wacking out some Irish dancing after a few more beers but luckily it ended up just being an open mic night. Although I’m sure we would’ve been entertaining!

Walking through jungle to other beaches was fun. We had a basic map to go by but the tracks take you straight there and there are signs along the way.

The island is just so pristine. We were the only people on this long stretch of gorgeous beach. It was the perfect place to do nothing but lounge around, which exactly what we did.

The sunsets topped it all off. Koh Ta Kiev, you got me goooood.


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