Day 2:

We couldn’t have started today any better. Chantal had read about early morning aerobics classes at the olympic stadium where hundreds of locals go to workout before it gets too hot. It all kicks off by 5:30am so we dragged ourselves there in our gym gear not knowing what to expect! We didn’t really know where to go so we followed some local people and began to hear the base of cheesy aerobics exercise music and the voices of exercise instructors on muffled speakers.

There were several large exercise routines happening, including chilled tai chi and fast-paced dancing. We decided to join the latter. I don’t think we stopped smiling and laughing for the whole hour and the locals found it quite amusing that we were there too! One lady was so impressed, pointing and shouting (at Chantal in particular) “very good! Very good!” The class cost $0.30 and by 7.00am we already had the best day.

We’re all usually really good with our money and stick to eating cheap food, but today was a kind of “fuck it day” for our budgets. We heard about a charity-based restaurant called Friends that not only does amazing food but has an awesome ethos behind it too. They educate, train and employ local street kids to ensure they can have opportunity to do well. The food was unreal (I even had blue cheese!!) and it wouldn’t have been so expensive if we weren’t complete gluttons and ordered way more than we needed!

In a very deep food coma, it was a real struggle leaving the restaurant but we needed to walk it off. We sat by the river until our stuffedness settled a bit before strolling along the riverside. There were loads of people out and about eating, chatting, playing games. The Cambodian way of life is so chilled. We also saw the shiny golden Royal Palace.

On our way back to the hostel we saw an evening aerobics class happening in the square, but they were mid-way through so unfortunately we couldn’t join in. We needed it after the meal though!

If there’s one thing I learnt today it’s that everyone should start the by day dancing to Cambodian pop songs at least once in their life!


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