Whether you’re a bright-eyed and bushy tailed early riser or a groggy bear in the morning, there’s nothing better than waking up well before the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise. Watching the sun rise above Mini Adam’s Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka has been a highlight of the trip. Armed with a hand-drawn map from the owner of a nearby cafe, we were good to go!

Luckily our guesthouse was relatively close to the trail so we left just after 5am. The walk up was quite short and thankfully wasn’t excessively sweaty! Very aware of the minutes ticking along, we made it to the peak in the nick of time! Obviously this was the perfect time to have one of those pensive sunrise moments.

Amid the view is lots of lush greenery, mainly tea plantations, and we also saw and heard the morning train from Colombo. We chilled at the top for a bit before heading back down, and somehow acquired a stray dog who accompanied us for the rest of the morning.

Seeing as there were no more trains due for a few hours, we walked down the hill onto the track – you’d hear and feel it coming from a mile off anyway! This was a rare opportunity to lie down on the tracks and pretend to be in the classic scene from a Western, so we had lots of fun doing that. In hindsight, as we realised when we went to the toilet on a train the next day, the content in the toilet literally drops down a hole directly onto the track. But let’s just hope that’s never happened on the spot we were laying on! It seemed clean…

Nine Arch Bridge was also very pretty.

Unsure of where we were actually walking to, we ended up at Ella train station which worked out perfectly as we needed to book our tickets to Kandy for the following day. The stations in Sri Lanka are so old-school, I love it.


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