The Only Online Marketplace You Need to Know About 

Like the majority of us, a vast proportion of the time I spend online is occupied by two things: social media and shopping. I wouldn’t really like to know exactly how much time I spend online, but I would say it’s an equal balance of aimless scrolling (because I know we’re all guilty of this) … Continue reading The Only Online Marketplace You Need to Know About 


19 things to do in Jersey 

Jersey. A forty-five square mile island in the English Channel. Home to one-hundred thousand people, lots of special cows and some of the most gorgeous coastline in Europe and perhaps even the world. I'm biased because I'm very blessed to call this beautiful little rock my home and I think it deserves a space on … Continue reading 19 things to do in Jersey 

A Vietnamese wedding weekend

*Apologies, this post should've been written last year in June!* I was just about to leave work after teaching my evening classes when my boss, Ha, chased me and said: "Cliona, do you want to come to my cousin's wedding this weekend? I'd love you to join us! You need to let me know soon … Continue reading A Vietnamese wedding weekend

Paradise in Cambodia: Otres & Koh Rong Islands 

I had no idea Cambodia's southern coast and islands were so gorgeous. Unlike Thailand, the Cambodian islands in the Siam Gulf are relatively undeveloped (although this is quickly changing) and some have only basic accommodation and limited electricity. Sihonoukville is the main hub of the south. It's full of resorts, bars and litter and I'd … Continue reading Paradise in Cambodia: Otres & Koh Rong Islands 

The halfway house for elephants in Pai

Unfortunately the exploitation of animals for tourism purposes is still rife in many parts of the world. Elephants are one of the main victims with elephant riding continuing to be a popular holiday activity in some parts of Asia. I'm not going to lie, four or five years ago I remember writing a travel bucket … Continue reading The halfway house for elephants in Pai

Chiang Mai 

Arriving from Bangkok, the coach dumped us off near the highway at 5.30am where several overpriced truck taxis were waiting to take us to the city. Still hostel-less, Ellie and Libby had a quick look on hostelwold in the taxi and found one called Bun Chun. It's a great little hostel run by a few … Continue reading Chiang Mai 

Stopping over in Kuala Lumpur 

Most people have a layover in Kuala Lumpur at some point. I'd heard mixed reviews, some saying it lacks that defining buzz of a capital while others really like it. I liked KL but compared to other big cities it did feel like something was missing, I can't quite put my finger on it. Although … Continue reading Stopping over in Kuala Lumpur